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Male Gigolo


The Different Features Of Male Gigolo

Male gigolo is commonly known as male prostitution. The practice was previously unheard of, and has been less common as compared to female commercial sex work. Men who get involved in this practice are commonly known as gigolos, hustlers or escorts. The practice has been hastened by the fact that unlike previously, women have become wealthier than they used to be.


Most women are now connoisseurs of men who are very fine, thanks to the services of gigolos. This is especially so because getting them is never hard, they have become a common sight in most places. All that one needs is to agree with the concerned parties.


The services they provide include both prostitution as well as escort. These are very different. Whereas prostitutes mainly give sex in exchange for money, escorts on the other hand offer their time in exchange for cash. However, they also provide sex if need be. For both of these, one needs to be presentable but this does not always have to be so.


Males in the field get a host of benefits. For once, they are paid well by their clients. The rates may vary depending on the agreement as well as the service offered. They may be booked for as little as one hour, but this could even be for weeks depending on clients. What is more, men can do it part time, further making it an attractive profession, so to speak.


The ladies on the other hand, being that they are in control, always choose what they want. Their taste is what they go for. Better still, they are able to negotiate the terms of service that suit their needs.


The services of a male gigolo can be sought from various places. The most common and convenient of these are websites. However, these must be credible and be able to offer a wide variety of the different taste and preferences of the clients.