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Gigolo (Article 1)


Facts And Information On Gigolo

All over the world sex business is a booming sector. Many people argue that prostitution is the one of the oldest professions in the world. Several ancient documents have been found that tell us about this ancient business. Traditionally prostitution was described as a woman having sex with a man for money. This meaning has been changed is the recent past with the coining of the word gigolo.


This new word refers to a man satisfying a lady sexually for monetary support. These men will usually operate just as normal female prostitutes. They may be found in special built brothels or in the red light districts of many world cities. A client, in this case a woman, will choose a man she is interested in. The client will then pay the man for the service and any other costs incurred.


Gigolos also can be hired by women as escorts or as dancing partners. Most women who are not in relation or married often feel lonely traveling long distances alone. These women hire men to keep them company in such trips or even hikes. A male figure around a woman is important as it boosts her sense of security and also earns them respect from people.


Most of the clients that employee their services are usually business and professional women generally older than thirty years. Divorced and widowed women are also regular customers. There are also special group of customers who are mainly young girls on there early twenties but from rich families.


Male prostitutes just like female counterparts must be attractive to the customers. They are supposed to be handsome, nice mannered and also well groomed. These traits enable then to fit easily into the lifestyle of any client. Since women are very sensitive to body odors, a successful male prostitute must be clean and apply nice smelling perfumes.


Where to find male prostitutes is not only limited to brothels and streets. Gigolo List offers an avenue where a client can meet any type of man they want. This site has many male companions a lady can easily hire. It is believed that being paid for sex is the dream of most men.