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Become Gigolo (Article 2)


The Reasons For Which Many Men Become Gigolo

There has always been a sort of fight between the two genders, in a way or another. While many women have to complain about men that they are only interested in having sex, men complain about women as being obsessed by money. In time, things have evolved and today, there are many males that enjoy the idea to become gigolo.


Since the times when the women revolution happened, many women feel that is unfair for them to be considered immoral if they want to change their sex partners from time to time. When men are involved, it seems normal to change the sex partner often.


In present times, it does not seem so bad for a woman to have multiple partners like it seemed forty years ago. Especially due to the media, freedom of expression when it comes to sex has transformed it from a condemnable thing into something absolutely normal.


The idea that women are always looking for a wealthy male still exists and in many cases can be real. In order to fight against this fact, males can have a solution. They can find wealthy females that are able and willing to pay them for sex, but not only for sex.


Being a gigolo is not like being a sexual toy, or anything similar. Unlike male escorts, who charge an hourly rate for having sex with women, gigolos combine a lot of things: friendship, pleasure, money and others. The male can date the women and talk to her, know her a little before they go in bed.

There are various reasons for which a man can become gigolo. Some are doing it for money, but there are many who are really enjoying the thing. In this case, money is the secondary goal and the male focuses on any other things that are involved.