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Vikram (29), India, Karnataka, Bangalore, Hydrabad (screenshot)

24/10/2011 08:37

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Firstname vikram Country India
Secondname   Province Karnataka
Lastname ram City Bangalore
Nickname vikiram City disctrict hydrabad & all india
E-mail (see
Age 29 Orientation Heterosexual
Temperament Hothead Language English
telugu & kannada
Height 173 Specialization Culture
Weight 76
Hair color black
Eye color black
  Figure type Strong
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Tattoo no
Piercing no
About me
DESCRIPTION my stats are: 5'-8", 170 pounds, black hair, black eyes, moderately hairy (chest and legs),. I am told I am good-looking. I am flexible, open, and adventurous. Also, I am honest and dependable. It's awkward to go on and on about oneself, but here goes. I am passionate, and truly love what I do. I am professional and have high standards - even for myself. I am gracious, patient, respectful, and sincere. I have a good sense of humor, a good sense of style, and a good dose of compassion. I am very well-educated, have traveled and lived in various parts of the world, I like to think that I have very few prejudices: I am not racist, sexist, ageist, or misogynist. Nor am I xenophobic: I am accepting of people from different cultures and backgrounds and beliefs, there are a number of people who come to me who are curious and a bit reserved. Although they may be nervous at first, people are usually at ease with me once we are face to face, in summation, I am real --- I’m a nice, normal guy, and honestly enjoy meeting people. ADDITIONAL NOTES -I am available anytime: early in the morning, middle of the day, late at night... whatever you want I am clean (disease free) and get tested for all STD, including HIV, every 4 months. i know a lot about health and safety, it is very important to me as i have no intention of jeopardizing my own life - or yours. Finally, I am in very good overall health. I am physically fit and active, watch what I eat and drink, and have no current or prior history of substance abuse. Physically, I can top or bottom, and can switch at the drop of a hat. I can flip-flop, too- so I can go back and forth numerous times. the same is true in terms of dominant and submissive roles. I have been told that I am a great Dom. I naturally take charge, and am quite firm. my intensity - and ferocity - varies based upon the other person. but the fact is, these are comments that I hear on a regular basis. physically: you’re hot... you’re so handsome... mentally: you’re so genuine... you’re really into it... you’re so sensual... if you meet me, you can judge for yourself! I think that I am:: I need a fresh start I am a fun loving simple person as life is too short. Honesty is the key! Why hold anything back? Everyone has flaws I will accept yours so accept mine, Hello! I am looking for a lady who can appreciate a good sense humor and. Should have a good sense of hum our herself, and be romantic like myself. She should be able to enjoy the company of grownups who know how to have a good time. I enjoy doing many things e.g. walking, eating out, cooking, reading and watching sports. I work hard so I like to have fun when it’s not "crunch time". Whilst I am a hardworking person, I don’t have a problem showing a hardworking lady how much she’s appreciated. I’m looking for a lady who possesses these qualities and can reciprocate as well. Please be aware that I am “drama free” and she should be as well. So, if you fit that description, let’s see what happens Finally, while I do like a good mystery, please provide a picture. It will definitely be appreciated and I will respond to everyone but will not continue to engage in any conversation with anyone without one I wish to meet a lady who is very caring and tender by nature and know how to treat a man of status!!! I wish to meet a lady who is down to earth and truthful as a person!!!! I wish to meet a lady who is seeking a relationship that may be the fantasy in her for years comes true!!!!!! I wish to meet a lady who may possess all but may be lacking to share with someone who she may be seeking all the while and maybe I can be that person you may be looking for!!!!! I wish to meet a lady who is of fine status and may worthwhile looking for a break in between her busy schedule!!!! Finally lust is not in my drawing book or my mind!!! And the finish lust and love may or may not go in parallel lines it depends!!!1 Do we experiment Call me Let’s do it together And finally these are the SIMS and testimonials a few of my values guests have left behind on their departure and it is for your king pursue
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