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13/03/2014 00:04

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my profile. I am a driven and ambitious guy. So... obviously you would like to know a little about me, here are 15 fun facts: 1. I'm ALWAYS a Gentleman 2. I'm Tall (6'3) 3. I'm an excellent cook. Maybe I could cook you dinner? 4. I'm Intelligent and can hold a conversation 5. I'm a goofball 6. I'm great at giving massages 7. I'm well endowed 8. I'm a very passionate and driven 9. I'm a chocoholic 10. I'm Italian 11. I enjoy lounges and bars over clubs (but that doesn't mean I can't dance) 12. I love movies 13. I work out 5xs a week 14. I play basketball and love to watch football! 15. I love taking care of a woman.


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