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Do women cheat ?

You may think it's only the fellas playing the field while the ladies stay home watching the news at 11. Not so according to a recent CNN/Time poll, 60% of Americans know women who have committed adultery, compared to 69% who know men who've cheated. The rise in infidelity among women is attributed to many social factors including not surprisingly a growing sense of pride in female sexuality. Cheating, of course, has been traditionally viewed as a phenomenon, which only occurred in married households, today's thinking suggests that, technically, one can cheat on a significant other regardless of martial status. Sex, oral sex, fondling and even deep emotional sharing with someone outside of one's committed relationship could be considered cheating. The fact is, many young women are getting married later in life. If at all. But they are in relationship. And in them, many females cheat-and for vastly different reasons, including validation, love and most certainly sex. I ask the question: Why Do Girls Cheat? Here's what people have to say.


“Girls cheat for some of the same reasons men cheat. I think it is mainly to be fufilled emotionally. When a relationship is just sexual I think women get bored.” - anonymous


“Women cheat for several reasons. 1) Their man is not giving them enough attention. 2) They love their significant other, but he just doesn't do it for her PHYSICALLY. 3) They want to have a wild sexual experience while remaining VIRGIN like to their beau. The most important and main reason is #4)..JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN!!!!!!!!!” - Natalie, Queens


“Why do girls cheat? From my experiences I've come to the conclusion that women just do what comes natural. They have certain characteristics and instincts that men cannot understand. When it comes to children and people they automatically know what to do. When it comes to getting us (men), they know what to do. They have game, they have instincts. They do what comes naturally. As much as they would like to deny it, cheating comes naturally to them. Especially in this day and time, because it is glorified. They like the idea of being "Players" and dogging men. But I will give it to you ladies, you do a better job of cheating then men do. Why? Because it comes natural. Women have always had it easy when it comes to relationships and they can't deny that. Men do all the work. We work hard to try to please our women; coming out the pocket for them, working out for them, doing everything. Women are not dumb. They know the value of a good man. That is why they find it more profitable to have a couple of them.” - AJ Thompkins


“I think girls cheat because their boyfriends/husbands are keeping them feeling tied up and they need some more fun and want to feel like a rebel so they is a natural feeling if u are uncomfortable with your relationship, some women just want to take a day off and play hooky.” -Krista, NJ


“Girls cheat for a variety of reasons. This can range from the girl whose man has previously cheated on her to the fly girl who feels she can have any man at any time. Further more girls cheat from low self-esteem or lack of attention. Then there are just some plain old female macks out there who feel they can play the game as well or better than the fellas can. A girl may also cheat as a way of not getting her heart broken or being played by a man. Sista's need to be better than this !!” - H. Carter


“For lots of reasons, depending on the situation. People always love to blame things like being depressed or lonely in a relationship, or because their partner is not giving them what they want-which are all true. But the way, the way I see it, we are animals-and our basic needs are survival-and emotional survival is important to us. If we aren’t getting it where we should, and we need it-were gonna get it somewhere else. It’s all about survival and happiness. We need to be happy, and we’ll do whatever we can to be happy-even if it’s only for a half hour!” - Janet, 27


“There has to be problems in the relationship for a person to cheat. To look at another guy on the subway and think he is hot, is one thing-but to pursue another man to the point of lying to your man to be with another man is another thing. You’ve gotta be actively looking for something else in order to want it that bad. Bad enough to do it.” - Sidney, 22


“Lots of reasons. Revenge is one. I cheated on a boyfriend once because he was an asshole to me and I wanted to humiliate him. I later realized that this kind of passive aggressive behavior is a total waste of time, time that I could be with someone nicer than him. I ended up leaving him, rather than play silly mind games. Someone that you would want to hurt is not a person you should be with.” -Juanita, 24


“I never cheat. I think it’s wrong. If you want to cheat, you shouldn’t be with someone. You’re hurting someone else just because you want a cheap thrill. Or you aren’t in love with them anymore. You should just break up with the person and not humiliate them.” - Maria, 20


“Because I can! I’m not ready to settle down, and you always have to be open for someone new and better to come into your life. Always keep your eyes and ears open because you don’t know what is gonna be around the corner. But I never give the boys any suspicion of anyone else because that’s cruel.” - Constance, 21


“Because they haven’t been cheated on. I was cheated on by an ex once and it was humiliating and scarred me for a while. It screws with your sense of trust-and those wounds take a while to heal. Out of respect for your partner, you shouldn’t cheat. If you are cheating, then you aren’t worthy of someones‘ trust and love. People cheat because they are insensitive.” - Maria, 23


“For a sense of excitement. When you are in a relationship for a long time, things get stale and you need some passion. I guess. I don’t know, I never cheated on anyone before. You should ask my ex-girlfriend, she cheated on me.”- Jerry,28