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Ladies, the purpose of is to create a directory of guys and men who wish to have job of a private gigolo and to provide sexual/companion services to women. But please note that this site is solely a directory of gigolos worldwide, we are not an agency with gigolo-employees. In most cases we do not know the gigolos personally. Via you are given a chance to contact a gigolo located in the territory where you currently are.


Recommendations: Mind the way and manners by which gigolo responds to your email/SMS/phone call. Make it clear in advance what you expect him to do at the meeting and what you do not like. Start your date with him at some a public place. 


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Our brand new site - - is here for YOU and all those men who like to taste the exciting life of a gigolo. With you can immediately become a discrete male companion to women looking for something short-term! Actually, being a gigolo is a dream job for men: Gigolos are paid for accompanying women and satisfying the needs of their female clients.


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