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Life of Gigolo

Gigolos are sometimes hired as travelling companions, business secretaries or escorts. Some people chuckle and refer to an older woman's beau as "her stud." Actually, the connotation of a "stud" is a misnomer, because the dictionary defines a stud as a male animal used, or available, for breeding purposes. Although the women paying for the services of a gigolo almost always is paying "her gigolo" for sex whenever she's in the mood, or feels the need for sex, to give her good sex is certainly not the extent of his duties, nor does the woman expect her gigolo to make her pregnant and bring forth babies. 
Most people also think of a gigolo -- or a stud, if you will -- as having a "foot long cock as big around as a stove pipe!" Such is not the case! Most gigolos have only average size tools. They are very good lovers though. They've made a practice of reading women to the point that they know exactly what turns on the woman they're with, and they pull out all the stops to please her precisely as she wants to be pleased.
A real gigolo, one who actually lives the life of a gigolo in every sense of the word, does not pay for any of his expenses. He receives handsome rewards and large sums of money for his services. An outsider might be flabbergasted at the amount of money a woman spends on her gigolo, but she considers it a pittance when weighed with the pleasures she receives from his charming company. Her dreams and fantasies may continue for many years after their relationship ends, but always -- she'll want to do it all over again, and spend every time that's necessary to make it happen just like it did before...
Large cities in all parts of the world, particularly resort communities abroad, are often the best places for a gigolo adventure. Cities where there are more women than men are where you should be operating -- particularly the retirement villages. In America, go where the sun shines -- Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Southern California.
Never talk too much about yourself -- your past life or specifically where you were born and raised, went to school, former marriages, kids, and so on. It would be wise to have a quality engraved business card listing your name and phone number with a message such as "world-wide traveler, lover of the better things in life...Call me anytime..." 
Remember our earlier advice: Play it cool... Go slow, and let them come to you...When the opportunity presents itself and the lady wants to know what you do or where you're from, you can present her with your card. From that moment on, you'll be pleasantly surprised how the word will spread and at the number of ladies that will be calling you just to talk to you...Your best approach should not be too blunt, or too direct, unless your intuition tells you this particular woman wants it that way. By the same token, don't be too timid either. Very few women want men who are timid, and that they have to tell what to do. Let it be known that you're available, remembering that you have to cultivate the friendship of these women who will do almost anything to ease their boredom and longing for male company.
The gigolos way of life is not for all men. Some are psychologically unable to accept the idea of a woman footing the bills for friendship, companionship and "dream-like" lovemaking sessions in her bed. Any man wanting success as a gigolo had better get rid of these kinds of "hang-ups" or else forget about life as a gigolo.Most rich widows have received their riches from a working husband. These riches were bestowed upon them by men. Now, they have no man to talk to, to share their travel experiences to faraway and exotic places with, and to enjoy the pleasures of sex with...
They feel they have the right to bestow these riches upon whatever man they choose, and every one of them will spend whatever price it takes to attain some measure of happiness, romance, understanding, companionship, and loving. Even the rich and famous have difficulties satisfying these basic human needs.