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11/11/2013 13:08 Upgrade!

  You will find a lot of new features at now! Few of them are still in beta version, however, we believe that these will be soon released in full. We remind you that is the biggest online dating site connecting ladies who are willing to pay boys and men for time...
06/06/2013 10:14

How to behave to the ladies ?

Firstly, be honest with her. Do not lie if you do not really need to! :-) If you want keep your client, always tell her the truth. Reserve enough time for her. You should also have a sense of humor. However, remember that racist/stupid/sex/dirty jokes are NOT sexy. Try to use more subtle, more...
02/06/2013 09:45

Have nice and cool things with you

If you can afford that, have also some nice things with you, somethings which will show that you know what the today´s world is about. You do not necessiraly need to buy a new iPhone anytime when Apple announces that they are going to sell it, but have some nice pieces with you. Have a nice sun...
31/05/2013 09:36

First impressions

Another tip how to increase your chances as a gigolo. First, you need to have a profile at, no doubt. Second, do not f*ck it up when you are firstly contacted by some registred lady client. Have a pleasant conversation with her. But never forget why shy contacted. She wants to...
15/05/2013 10:53

Rent Boys wanted in Great Britain, USA, India, Canada etc.

All these countries have increased the demand for rent boys in the last two years significantly. Are somewhere around? ;-)...Then log into and try your luck!
08/05/2013 13:30

Dating profile

You might find really tons of tips and sources telling you what to do to become attractive to women. First of all, you must let them know about you! Best directory for that is of course our :-). Then, you must fill in your profille as "attractive" as possible. Do not write " I...
11/04/2013 18:50

Dream Job

In no other job worlwide you can fuck women and be even padi for that? Try it with !
19/03/2013 09:29

Make yourself attractive!

Have you ever had a problems with conversation with women? It migha have been because you have been just a little boring, don´t you think ? Well, work on that! Have some interesting hobbies, some passion you can freely speak about. Work on yourself. Make your body look great. Fitness is not a bad...
16/03/2013 18:52

Summer 2012

In these summer months we have noticed an increasing number of women desiring for gigolos! Gentlemen, do not hesitate, try your summer job! Try your gigolo job!
15/02/2013 18:49

Have you checked our new site? has been re-launched and siginficantly upgraded! Try it and register yourself!

Other news and articles

16/07/2012 18:57

Many, many ...brand new gigolos registered at

Just simply log in as a lady client and search the one who will fit you as best lover!
01/11/2011 14:50

Kareem (32), USA, Illinois, Chicago (screenshot)

   To see full profile (incl. pictures) please visit...
29/10/2011 10:57

Arjun (27), India, Kerala, Ernakulam (screenshot)

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28/10/2011 16:18

Patrice (50), Australia, New South Wales, Sydney (screenshot)

   To see full profile (incl. pictures) please visit! Firstname patrice Country Australia Secondname gerard Province New South...
27/10/2011 18:47

Fransquinho (26), India, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Borivali to Churchgate (screenshot)

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25/10/2011 06:24

Tony (28), USA, Florida, Fort Lauderdale (screenshot)

   To see full profile (incl. pictures) please visit! Firstname Tony Country USA Secondname   Province Florida Lastname Montana City Fort...
24/10/2011 12:19

Rohit (26), India, Punjab, Chandigarh (screenshot)

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24/10/2011 08:37

Vikram (29), India, Karnataka, Bangalore, Hydrabad (screenshot)

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23/10/2011 22:58

Raghav (28), India, Rājasthān, Jodhpur (screenshot)

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23/10/2011 07:15

Huge (30), India, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Thane, Pune (screenshot)

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