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28/06/2018 11:08 merged with - Top Agency connecting Gigolos and Lady Clients

This is to inform you that has been fully merged with is the top agency in the gigolo industry. And we are glad that we could became a part of Should you ever consider the career of a gigolo, please visit
17/06/2018 18:00

Another domain name for the gigolo dating launched. Check it out by clicking here at search for !
14/06/2018 12:03

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Enter your email and we will immediately send you list with 250+ concrete offers from ladies who are looking for gigolos and male escorts. Do not hesitate! Have sex with them!   Just fill this online form The earlier you get the list, the better chance you have to attract these...
09/04/2014 08:13 How much our gigolos earn?

Our escorts earn generally $65.00 for the first hour and $50.00 per hour after that. The calls are usually a minimum of 3 hours and all the tips the gigolo earns is his to keep. The gigolo is an independent contractor of the lady client, which means that we dont take any fees from the gigolo´s...
08/04/2014 01:08 What types of functions and events will the gigolo be attending?

I sometimes get questions like what types of functions and events will the gigolo be attending? Well, it very much depends on what the particular gigolo wants to! The majority of the clients calls are for business dinners, executive parties conventions and other work related situations where...
06/04/2014 01:03 Feedback from Maria

I just got a very nice feedback to one of our gigolos from Maria:    "A guy with a nickname "Rocky" was a gentleman with both excellent character and professional approach for those important dinner dates, trips to the theater, shows, gallery openings and professional business...
05/04/2014 11:47 How many hours per week is gigolo working?

That depends on the time of year, the population in your area and how popular you are. Clients chose their escort based on looks, personal background and geographic location. And of course some escorts are going to be more popular than others. Its best if you look at this, especially in the...
03/04/2014 01:25 Need for new expensive car?

Hi everyone :-)   Yesterday I got one interesting question from a gigolo: "Am I going to need a new expensive car?" No. The client will provide transportation unless the gigolo choose to do so. The gigolo will make arrangements to meet the date at a restaurant or bar. This is where gigolo...
20/03/2014 11:13

Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad: Anil Kumar

I am Anil software engineer from Hyderabad, well educated, Attractive & Charming guy. I am a fun loving person. If you want my company you can contact me. You will be fully satisfied and delighted. i am looking for unsatisfied womens because i am doing this only for passion not for money if any...

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22/10/2011 14:17

Lucky (27), India, Haryana, Gurgaon, New Delhi (screenshot)

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22/10/2011 01:12

Rahul (26), India, Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad (Screenshot)

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21/10/2011 11:04

James (46), Australia, Queensland, Mackay (screenshot)

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20/10/2011 04:36

Ahmal (31), USA, Georgia, Atlanta (screenshot)

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19/10/2011 18:39

Jeremiah (26), USA, Ohio, Columbus (screenshot)

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19/10/2011 01:33

Yogesh (27), India, Maharashtra, Mumbai (screenshot)

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18/10/2011 10:29

Erkan (30), Turkey, Bodrum (screenshot)

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17/10/2011 19:49

Adam (24) / United Kingdom / London / bromley kent (screenshot)

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16/10/2011 22:21

James (19) / USA / California / San Diego / Riverside (screenshot)

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16/10/2011 04:22

Derek (36) / USA / Texas / Houston (screenshot)

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