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You'll find very few in church! Those that you do find in church will want to possess you, and somehow or other steer you to the altar. You'll find most of them in night classes at your local college; in self-improvement, self-awareness, and new life-style classes; and of course, in all the better class supper clubs and hotel type lounges. 
Relative to evening college courses and self-improvement discussion groups -- these are your easiest and most fertile "hunting grounds," because psychologists long ago proved that the basic reason for adult enrollment in self-improvement programs is directly related to a person's need to be loved. All you have to do is understand this basic fact, and make yourself available to fulfill the needs of the women enrolled in these programs. Your best opportunities for "being picked by a live one" at a supper club or hotel lounge will occur between 4 and 9 in the afternoon and evening; and between 12 midnight and closing time.Become friends with the class instructors, discussion, leaders, club managers, bartenders and waitresses. In conversations, exhibit the depth and scope of your mind by discussing at greater length the subjects being presented, current events and your own experiences as you would have them relate to those topics.


Be friendly and courteous to the women. Be sympathetic to their points of view. If you want to disagree with what they say, do so with the utmost thought, respect and compassion for their feelings. It's generally better to cater to their opinions with agreement, understanding and tact. Allow these women to come to you. Do not chase them or give them any hint that you're looking for them, or a woman of their type. 
Make yourself available -- play hard-to-get. Let the woman exercise her independence and feelings of making her own selection. This means that unless she's really "turned on by the radiance of your personality," or else quite desperate, she will not "pick you up" on this first meeting. But don't despair -- have patience and continue your display of intelligence, good manners and charm. If you've done as instructed -- cleaned your nails and shined your shoes -- you've got her interested and she'll keep an eye on you, especially when you're with, around, or talking with other women.
Whether you're in the company of a special lady you've been cultivating, in a group of men and women, or sitting at the bar with a woman close by -- always try to sit next to a woman or be in a group that will include women -- put off ordering another drink. Don't volunteer by asking if you could buy the lady a drink, and don't rush to pick up the tab. Let the woman do the volunteering, the asking, and the paying. If she won't do it, another one will, and when one woman recognizes that to "get to you," she's going to have to pay, they'll all see and understand, and quickly fall into line. Those that don't aren't the ones you should be spending your time on anyway.

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