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The male prostitute makes himself available to all women of all ages, generally concentrating on bored, frustrated and "exploring" housewives looking for extra loving as well as variety to satisfy their sex needs. This type of woman is very easy to spot, and even easier to take to bed. It makes of a lot of, and a variety of beautiful sex, but it's all for free. You have to know precisely how to cultivate these women to start, and then get them to continue paying you for each time you "service" them -- not just the loan of a few dollars -- which you never intend to pay back -- but $50 or $100 plus expenses for each tryst you arrange with them.
The gigolo concentrates his efforts on making himself available to widows and wives of busy businessmen who really don't care what their wives do, so long as they don't become emroiled in a public scandal. These women range in age from about 45, on into their 80s. So the first thing you're going to have to do is stop looking for ladies at or about your own age. Dress yourself more neatly, more stylishly, and begin "hanging around" the places these women frequent