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Whenever a lady strikes up a conversation with you, let her be the aggressor and ask the questions about you: Don't you ask the usual -- what does your husband do; where are you from, and/or what do you do for excitement. You should set the stage, lead her into asking these questions of you, and volunteering this kind of information about herself. Don't volunteer this information about yourself, nor be impatient to learn the facts of her background. She'll ask the proper questions and tell you all about herself, when she's ready to consider taking you on as her gigolo.


If you must initiate the conversation or say something to take up the slack in a conversation, say things such as this weather reminds me of my trip to Rome last year; or you know, the shine from your hair and that gorgeous style reminds me of my hairdresser friend in Paris. Never start a sentence with a question. Make a statement about some romantic playground first, and then if she doesn't follow through with qestions ahout your statement, you might casually ask if she's ever been there or wanted to vist the places you're talking about.


Remember this: These women are usually very wealthy, bored and sexually starved. Their men, in their struggle to become rich, often neglect their connubial duties, and die relatively young -- leaving rich widows who are hungry for fun, excitement, and sex. These wealthy widows are not adverse to using their late husband's accumulated money to pay for the services of a gigolo. Most are in fact, looking for the "right man" to attend their needs, regardless of cost!

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