Male Escort Services



  • Online promotion. Promote yourself by inputting links leading to your profile into various websites, chat and forums worldwide; this will help you attract an attention of lady clients.


  • Be communicative and flexible. Be communicative, easygoing and flexible when contacted by a lady client. Convince her even by way you write responses to her email/SMS. Comvince her that you are the best gigolo to date in your territory and that you deserve her attention.


  • Dress. Dress well when you want to be a successful gigolo. Most of our lady clients like their gigolo to look good so they can show them off to friends. A nice well fitted suit will be very helpful to you. If you do not know how to choose the right suit, browse the internet and you will find many and many results. Of course, the suit is not necessary.


  • Manners. No surprise that our lady clients want good-mannered males. Be charming and attentive. Compliment the lady client and do your best wherever she wants to have you. Treat the lady client as a movie star.


  • Health and safe sex. You know what we mean. This recommendation is for those who are going to offer also sexual services.


  • Discreetnes. Be discrete, that is what our lady clients primarily expect from you. 


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