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We are sure you have already heard of them. The Gigolos. Haven´t you ever dreamt what it would be like to be a successful gigolo? Haven´t you ever dreamt of meeting girls who love partying and after the party they want to be loved by a sexy gigolo discretely somewhere in their place. Haven´t you ever dreamt of rich ladies and business women who desire to be accompanied by younger nice lovers, not only at the dinners but also in their beds.


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You should know that gigolo is not merely a male escort. Gigolo is like an aristocrat of sex with good manners. Gigolo is a male who satisfies women and gets money and other gifts for that. Gigolo is a male who meets women, makes them happy and is being even paid for that. 


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09/04/2014 08:13 How much our gigolos earn?

Our escorts earn generally $65.00 for the first hour and $50.00 per hour after that. The calls are usually a minimum of 3 hours and all the tips the gigolo earns is his to keep. The gigolo is an independent contractor of the lady client, which means that we dont take any fees from the gigolo´s...
08/04/2014 01:08 What types of functions and events will the gigolo be attending?

I sometimes get questions like what types of functions and events will the gigolo be attending? Well, it very much depends on what the particular gigolo wants to! The majority of the clients calls are for business dinners, executive parties conventions and other work related situations where...